CANNABIS CURES CANCER and Big Pharma Has the Patent to Prove it!

Ancient Cannabis…the plant continues to endure, treat and cure illness and disease!

If I were to make a reasonable deduction with the information above…it seems to me, that religion is hindering the treatment of millions of Americans by being the “popular” vote in big government!” This does not come as much of a surprise to most of us, considering the U.S. is the largest Christian country in the world and that is fact, not anything else. There are many good Christians out there, don’t get me wrong. I am not so much trying to attack religion, as I am just verifying, that science does take the proverbial “back seat” to religion, in our government and the way they pass laws for all of us.

The people of our country generally know what they want for themselves as individuals. Americans generally accept others very readily and for the most part, are very good, hard-working and honest people. This is what I want to believe anyways…I hope there aren’t that many stupid people in my country! It’s the government that slows things down and hinders freedom…based greatly, on religious beliefs. I know many agnostic and atheist individuals that are THE definition of good neighbor. Maybe people like these would be better suited for government office and apply more science in decision-making. Regardless, we NEED more science and less judgment by people who don’t have a clue, like most of our politicians!

Religion has been a hinderance to our progression as a species in many ways, that the original writers of the bible, did not intend. It has to be religion keeping this medicinal plant, this natural treatment, from millions of Americans in need. The science is in…and SCIENTISTS almost ALL AGREE, that Cannabis is a highly beneficial plant, capable of treating MANY diseases and ailments with far fewer side effects than BIG PHARMA’s infinite listings of medications! Not only is the plant an excellent medication but it is also used for everything listed in the table below and has been…for thousands and thousands of years!

Marijuana uses throughout the centuries

This natural plant has been taken away from all of the hard-working, law-abiding, peaceful Americans in the United States of America! I support President Obama, but SHAME on him for not assisting Americans with legalization of this PLANT!

This graph shows the racial disparity between the different ethnic groups.

Prohibition and the WAR ON DRUGS has been a tragically lost war…on THE BLACKS and THE POOR! The U.S. imports a tremendous amount of industrial hemp when our very own, first president of the United States of America, George Washington, farmed Hemp! The Constitution is Written on HEMP PAPER! This is just INSANE to me!

The Cannabinoids in the Cannabis plant are very beneficial for inflammation, which is a major component in many chronic diseases. Chronic inflammation leads to chronic disease.

Medical Marijuana, or Cannabis as I like to refer to it, treats many medical and psychological conditions. Particularly interesting is how well Cannabis treats PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which we have hundreds of thousands soldiers diagnosed with PTSD due to our government’s decisions, right or wrong, it is because these Americans pay the way for the elected officials. All big corporations, big government and the elected politicians, lobbyists, lawyers, etc…live off the blood and sweat of the average American. We are the back-bone and WE should be heard! Cannabis is a schedule 1 drug, making it as bad as heroin, in the government’s classification system. Alcohol isn’t a schedule 1 drug but it does so much more damage than any of the illegal drugs. Don’t get me wrong, I agree that there needs to be controls on the dangerous drugs, but I completely disagree with the Federal Government’s outdated and just plain WRONG information on Cannabis as a medication. It is absurd, to say the least.

While Cannabis is still illegal under Federal Law, 20+ states have now either decriminalized or moved to medical marijuana models. 2 states, Washington and Colorado, went for recreational legalization as well! It’s about time!

We are making some headway in the fight to legalize the plant, Cannabis! You can see the states that are red, are also mainly Republican states…driven by religion, not science. Kansas doesn’t even accept evolution as a possibility! If you listen to the current Governor speak, every other word is God! He spoke at the Governors state to state dinner last night, I listened, I counted the word God at least 9 times in 30 minutes.

You can’t tell me, religion is just a mouse in the room…IT IS THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM!

The medicine was proven effective before science existed. Science put a stamp on what humans already knew!

Antibacterial, pain-relief, nausea relief, anti-epileptic, ANTI-CANCER! What more do we need? We have the scientific data! We have the double-blind, placebo studies…decades of studies! Medical Marijuana has been legal in California since 1997! Many other countries have been decades ahead of us in the scientific studies on Cannabis…not a shocker as we all know how conservative and slow our government processes can be…and this is all due to lack of science. Too much pride and personal views influencing politics…much larger than that, is the money from big industry and Big Pharma!

Weed-table: A history of weed! It’s just a plant…that does not harm humans. Human Beings have an Endocannabinoid system hardwired in physiologically. We have cell receptor sites specifically for Cannabinoids! The science is in!

The history, the science…should be enough shouldn’t it? If we approach this plant as we do Hops, Barley, Wheat and Tobacco, we wouldn’t even be speaking about it right now. It’s a plant that needs no processing like alcohol and tobacco. It can be grown, dried and used for medicine!

If this plant can treat epilepsy as effectively as it does…why are we keeping it from so many Americans and rest of the World alike?

The science is in and it indicates the Cannabis plant is an effective medication. This should move it out of the Government’s scheduled 1 category. There are many known medical uses. These several, simple sentences are fact and should change the laws regarding its schedule and it’s use! Freedom should not be illegal!



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